Talk Radio Host Jack Ellery

Jack Ellery TV's 60 Minutes featured radio talk show host Jack Ellery in a segment. That's Jack, as the closing credits rolled.

This site is an introduction to Hall of Fame Talk Host,Jack Ellery

About retirement Jack says, "It's like kissing your sister."

To hear Jack's Voice Over Commercial reads, here is State Farm and Others To have commercials enhanced with some music try this

Jack is the voice of numerous National spots, and hundreds of local commercials for both radio and TV in Philadelphia, Tampa, New Jersey and New York. To contact Jack, email:

That's radio talk host Jack Ellery's picture, at the top of this page, as he appeared on TV's 60 Minutes (Editor's note - he was wearing makeup. He's not that good looking.)

When CBS and 60 Minutes found out that Jack Ellery, was feuding with the U.S. Attorney to Florida, they brought their cameras to Jack's WFLA studio.

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